Jobs and Economy Issues

The Obama Administration told us that if we passed the stimulus, unemployment wouldn’t top 8%. Not only were they flat wrong, but unemployment has held above 8% for over 40 months. It’s clear we need a new approach if we are to get our economy back on the right track.

John knows that when the American economy is freed from the shackles of overly burdensome regulations, it has unlimited potential to grow and create jobs. This doesn’t mean allowing polluters and crooks to run amok -- we all want clean air, clean water and consumer protections. But it does mean considering the economic consequences of new rules and regulations before they are put in place.

Another aspect of job-creation is free trade. John supports opening new markets for American-made goods across the globe through Free Trade Agreements. This not only allows American manufacturers to sell their products worldwide without anti-competitive tariffs and taxes, it keeps costs down for American families struggling to make ends meet in the Obama Recession.

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