John's Issue Positions

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John is an outspoken defender of the right to life, opposing abortion except in the rare case the mother’s life is in danger. He has voted consistently to stop taxpayer dollars from going to Planned Parenthood to pay for abortions.

Budget, Spending, and Taxes

John knows Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem -- it has a spending problem. That’s why he supports a balanced budget achieved through discretionary spending cuts, mandatory spending reforms, and pro-growth tax policies. John also supports giving the president line-item veto authority to cut wasteful spending from appropriations bills. [...]


As a former high-school civics teacher, John understands the challenges in America’s education system. While he supports the goals of No Child Left Behind, he also recognizes the program’s shortcomings. [...]

Jobs and Economy

The Obama Administration told us that if we passed the stimulus, unemployment wouldn’t top 8%. Not only were they flat wrong, but unemployment has held above 8% for over 40 months. It’s clear we need a new approach if we are to get our economy back on the right track. [...]

Energy and Enviroment

John is a leading voice in Washington for an “All of the Above” energy policy. He supports coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear as essential components of America’s energy infrastructure while we allow the free-market to foster the growth in wind, solar and other renewables. [...]

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